How well do you know your body?

By answering a set of questions that we’ve created by functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, and naturopaths, you will discover things you didn’t know about your health and body.

This is your first step towards making better decisions about your lifestyle and nutrition.

Your Nutrition Plan

You answer some questions

Questions were created by healthcare practitioners to help you discover the underlying drivers of your physical health and body profile.

We process your answers

Our algorithm processes the answers of each individual uniquely, to give you personalised results and recommendations.

You get your nutrition plan!

With this information and knowledge about your body and our valuable advice, you can begin to improve your lifestyle.


Your current lifestyle may be harming you

Chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancers, are lifestyle diseases. It is estimated that over 70% of all deaths globally are because of these.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and guide you towards a lifestyle that’s healthier and hormonally balanced. The report and nutritional plan we offer here gives you the knowledge you need to take the first step towards improvement.

Everyone can benefit…


Better dietary choices is one way you can manage the effects of aging, menopause, osteoporosis, and arthritis.


Cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, depression, and diabetes are lifestyle diseases and silent health threats affecting aging men.


Inflammation can stop your momentum during your sports season. Better dietary choices is the single best way to avoid that.

Sedentary lifestyles

In a modern life where we spend over 8 hours of our day sitting at a desk, our bodies are forced into a role they were not made for.

Everyone can benefit...

By professional nutritionists and functional medicine practitioners

By simply answering “Yes” or “No” to our set of 74 questions, you will get accurate information about physical health, mental health, sleep, and nutrition.

You get the best results when you take your time and are totally honest!


What you’re getting…

Once you complete the questions, you will receive an email a PDF and a link to your personalised report and nutritional plan, answering questions such as:

  • What meals should I eat and when?
  • What nutritional supplements should I take?
  • What foods should I avoid? And what foods can I enjoy?
  • What is my body type and how does that affect my day to day?

How we compare…

While you can get more a personal one-to-one service if you were to visit a professional practitioner or nutritionist, this is not affordable nor practical for many.

Professional practitioner or nutritionist

  • You can visit them in person

    Practitioners will require that you visit them throughout 3 or 4 sessions on average.

  • You can visit them in person

    Practitioners will require that you visit them throughout 3 or 4 sessions on average.

  • You can visit them in person

    Practitioners will require that you visit them throughout 3 or 4 sessions on average.

an average

Practitioners and people like you love Fantastic Life!

“I recommend all of my clients to take this report before attending our first consultation. It provides the client and myself with invaluable knowledge. We both save time!”.

Dr Youseff Goldman, MD

Functional medicine practitioner

“I truly recommend Fantastic Life to all those who are really trying to get their life back in track. Love the natural approach of their system and how is based on knowledge sharing, not only calorie count tracking as some others I have tried.”

Roberto Gonzalez

Small Business Owner

“This nutritional plan by Fantastic Life gave me knowledge about my body I never knew… I’ve got more energy for the kids and I’m even planning to work from home part-time!”

Daniella Hamilton

Full-time mum

Get the knowledge you need to start living a fantastic life.