Our Mission

Fantastic Life is the world’s first hormone-balancing nutrition solution. Fantastic Life was developed with the purpose of helping users understand their bodies at a hormonal level and take control of their general health. Today’s diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc, are predominantly lifestyle diseases that claim too many lives worldwide. Fantastic Life aims to be the guiding hand, helping its audience reclaim their own health. By nutritionally and naturally balancing their hormones, Fantastic life improves and extends the quality of life and lifespan itself.

Our Goal: Educate, Inform and Guide People To Live Healthier And Longer Quality Lives.

How We Do It?

We assess, recommend, track and repeat.

By assessing the current state of the body through a series of 70+ functional medicine based questions, we are able to build a personalized hormonal profile. This profile identifies the imbalances.

To address the imbalances naturally through diet and food, a nutrition plan is generated. This recommendation when incorporated into daily routine allows for the body to systematically and naturually adjust the hormone levels and thus drive positive health outcomes.

The Fantastic Life solution is a tracker. By tracking each aspect of one’s health such as weight gain/loss, foods that help one restore the hormonal balance and foods that push you away from achieving the balance, how the body feels as it goes through on a day to day basis, Fantastic Life builds an evidence based results profile.

The hormonal profile of any individual shifts. This is because the human lifestyle shifts and changes. There is lifestyle shift when seasons change, relationships change, career changes, economic conditions change and so and so forth. And thus the hormonal profile of any individual does not ever stay constant. Thus by repeating the above process of assessing, recommending and tracking, Fantastic Life ensures that the individuals maintain a constant pulse on their hormonal balances and make the appropriate adjustments to continue to maintain optimal balance and a disease-free body.

Founder’s Why?

Until the age of 41, I was not aware of the significance of hormones within an individual’s body. This knowledge that hormones affect every function of our body was news to me. If this was taught in schools or if the population was generally made aware or if there were enough mass education and awareness, I would have not started to develop the symptoms for issues that I had started noticing in my late 30’s. That was a personal realization that I arrived at only due to exposure to a functional medicine practitioner. This awareness should be readily available to all. This is the origin of one of the core tenets of fantastic life – that of education.

Further research led to a second realization that 70% of all deaths in the world are attributed to chronic diseases. Chronic diseases have a precursor – a significant decrease in quality of life for years leading up to death. If more individuals were aware, guided and allowed to take control of their health and balance their hormones, the number of lives lost to chronic illnesses might actually decrease. If there were more educated Alex’s (in their younger years) who knew of how to manage their health and keep disease off, there ought to be a:

  • Increase in general population health
  • Improvement in overall energy and thus productivity of societies
  • Improvement in psychological, mental and emotional health
  • Reduction in pressure on health care systems
  • Amidst other sundry benefits

Do you know if what you ate today is helping or hurting your health?

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