Having a runny nose before a big day doesn’t sound too foreign. Sneezing constantly during the meeting could be pretty embarrassing. An itch in the throat and an urge to relieve it disrupts your concentration.

All of us must have gone through these situations once in a while. But there are people for whom this is the story every other day, and they may get a few regular days.

Why are you getting sick again and again?

Either you get attacked by the cold constantly, or it never leaves you in the first place. Whatever it is out of these two, you need to put your step down and banish the root cause of your life.

The most crucial point to be highlighted here is that someone developing these symptoms now and then definitely has a weak defensive mechanism. You get exposed to the virus often but your body couldn’t build immunity against it. 

This could be due to some immune system disorder or just a case of weak immunity due to older age or malnutrition. White blood cells that fight off infections can also be low due to genetics. This calls for avoiding the environment where you may get overexposed to these viruses

Hygiene plays a significant role here. Children with a low resistance to viruses and bacteria often get sick due to unhygienic conditions around them, especially not washing their hands properly before eating, touching their faces, etc.

Another critical element is your diet. 

We have been told ‘’you are what you eat’’ and this is 100% a fact. A properly balanced diet wards away all the evil microbes that are planning to invade your body. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains are your ally in this journey.

Include “sunshine vitamin, “i.e., Vitamin D, in your diet. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with weakened immunity. According to studies, people with a low vitamin D intake develop respiratory tract infections frequently.

Remember, your body is every cell, tissue, and organ; every bit and piece depends on water for a healthy and stable life. It carries minerals and nutrients to your cells and keeps your mouth, throat, and nasal passage moist which aids in keeping away the disease-causing agent. Water is constantly lost from our bodies, and its replacement, at the same pace, is mandatory to keep our bodies hydrated.

We all know that it is essential to get enough sleep if we are ill but do we know why? To relax? Superficially yes. But physiologically, rest has a deeper purpose. Cytokines and protein messengers combat diseases and infections in our bodies, which are released while we sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to insufficient cytokine release.

Oral health also matters a lot as your mouth is a gateway to your body and most of the microbes enter through this passage. Proper brushing and flossing should be part of your daily routine.

How to fix your immunity?

A new study suggests that the female hormone, estrogen, protects women from flu as they can fight against infections, especially hepatitis, HIV, and Ebola. You can turn to herbal medicines after a doctor’s consultation to raise your estrogen levels. Adding turmeric to your diet also causes a rise in estrogen levels in your body.

Other nutrients required are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. Taking these essential nutrients from natural sources or supplements fuels your immunity. Soap and water are the best options to wash hands with, but hand sanitizer is also a good substitute if unavailable. The point is to keep your hands clean.

Sleep well, eat healthily, drink enough, and say adieu to stress. Raise your immunity walls high and keep on feeding these soldiers with strength so they may be strong enough to win the battle against infections. Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying your life.