How do you feel about having fast food or a junk food day in your clean eating routine? Are there any pros of having cheat days once in a while?

Well, it solely depends on where you are in your journey of clean and healthy eating. If you have just started it, having a junk food or a fast food day can be counted as a safety guard as it would not let you feel like you are being deprived. Such breaks in a clean eating lifestyle shouldn’t be taken as the end of the world. After following a healthy lifestyle religiously for a long time, your body automatically stops craving junk and unhealthy food. You naturally begin to understand those unhealthy meals are not fueling you up. Instead, they are just filling up your body with unhealthy fats and all those extra pounds.

Ask yourself a question before eating anything.

Yes, it might be a good and beneficial practise to ask yourself whether the food you are going to have is going to nourish your body or not. Of course, you can control the things around you. However, you can always bring a good change in your life by taking good care of yourself. And eating healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So, basically, before eating anything, you should be asking yourself whether the food you are having provides you with nutrients that your body needs to function correctly. Furthermore, you should know how you will feel half an hour after eating a specific meal, tired and full or energized?

Still, some flexibility is required to live life to the fullest.

Suppose you are on a clean eating journey, but you are invited to a wedding. What are you going to do? Unfortunately, the food there is not going to be for clean eaters. Will you start shaming yourself or feeling guilty? This is where you need to give an extra edge to your diet routine and start showing some flexibility. Sometimes, food can directly relate to your body, such as some people might develop specific allergies followed by eating peanut butter. Here, flexibility is not an option as it can cause potential harm to you.

Good food can also taste good.

This is true! Your healthy and clean meal can also be delicious and finger-licking good. We have developed a concept that healthy food is plain and not very tasty. However, it’s all up to you how you prepare it. You can always add or substitute various ingredients to your healthy food to make it taste amazing.

Once you are on your clean eating journey, you gradually start to feel and become healthy physically and mentally. Ultimately, you realize that junk food and fast food are not a source of nourishment for your body. Your body naturally stops craving food that is not healthy for you.

However, creating flexibility in your mind is one of the most important things. You must know that when you are at a party or a concert where all you get to eat are burgers, hotdogs, and pizzas, there is no harm in having this kind of food once in a while.