We like change. We like changing our clothes, shoes, restaurants we eat at. We don’t do the same activity over and over, we change. We have several lists of interests. There are certain things we do that we enjoy more and others that we don’t. As much as we hate our jobs, we love the people we work with. Or as much as we dislike the people we work with, we enjoy the smiles we put on our customer’s faces.

Emotional Driver Behind Everything We Do

There is always an emotional driver behind everything we do and we continue to do. Look back and ask, why do we do what we do?

As an exercise fill out this chart;

I like toBecause
Eat at McdonaldsI love their fries. Their fries remind me of the fun moments with my parents
CookI enjoy watching the smiles on my partners face when s/he tries a new flavor I develop
Play hockeyI enjoy hanging out with my friends, the jokes, laughter, and fun after the games.

Here are some additional examples;

  1. I love sushi, because I associate it with the beautiful memory I had at the time I ate it the first time.
  2. I enjoy soccer, because of the immense excitement and delight i experienced when my current favourite team won. They will remake history.
  3. I enjoy playing hockey, because it gives me pleasure.
  4. I enjoy shopping, because I enjoy a donning a new look.
  5. I like the way Robin plays soccer, because he is all over the football pitch and whenever the ball gets passed, he is about to do something and it builds excitement, anticipation and maybe a goal – a reward.
  6. I bet on sports, because the excitement of winning is second to none.

If you write down your reasons, you often find, there is an emotional reason that drives you and motivates you.

Your Health & Fitness Journey, Similarly Ought To Have An Emotional Desire and Attachment

Couple Exercising
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Your health and fitness journey, similarly ought to have an emotional desire and attachment.

A Logical ‘Why’An Emotional ‘Why’
I want to live longerI want to enjoy being a grandparent, keeping up with the grandkids
I want to eat healthilyThe stomach ache, bloating and acid reflux hurts. I want it to stop.
I want to be physically fitI want the energy for all the fun I derive in my day-to-day activities.

Do this small exercise – and discover your emotional why right now;

  • List out the things you enjoy.
  • Write down why you enjoy them?
  • Write down would you want to enjoy more of it?
  • Start your fitness journey this week, and come back to this chart and
  • Write down (in a week’s time) – are you happier?

Having a strong emotional connection helps you shape your why, It builds a strong connection between you and your fitness goals aka the commitment.