While visiting my friend, John, recently, I saw something amazing! John was happily engaged in his life. He watered healthy plants, cleaned his home, and played with his dogs. He talked about his garden plans and had even ordered seeds. John changed a lot this last year from depressed and unmotivated. I remember John talking about how difficult everything seemed, how he had no energy for anything. He was overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities. Accomplishing even the most minor job seemed difficult. How had John become this happy, motivated person?

John learned techniques that helped him gain momentum. He knew that success isn’t achieved overnight through completing a monumental task. Instead, success comes from progress. John has learned to set small, short-term goals that track his progress. He sees daily progress, so he has momentum and feels motivated.

When John was depressed and struggling through each day, he tried watching videos about motivation. Unfortunately, most failed to provide actual daily motivation. Motivation must come from within. So how can we release the potential inside us and become motivated, like John? John found a short, simple video by Angel Shannon that set him on the right path:

Goal Choosing

Look for the little things in your life that are obstacles to progress. Minor issues can often stop us from making progress. Identify one small thing that you can change now to improve your life. We can identify some small goals that seem insignificant compared to the momentous changes we want in our lives for most of us. However, making those slight changes can add up to a changed life. 

A first goal may be to sleep better. Better sleep helps us function better in all our other tasks. Sleep hygiene techniques help many people sleep better. One method is to turn off all electronic devices and disconnect from online apps. That will allow your brain to relax into sleep.

One Change At A Time

Many people charge into goal setting, taking on several worthy goals all at once. Typically, they fail at all goals as they cannot focus on one purpose. People who succeed, like John, take on one minor change at a time. Focusing on a single goal allows us to grow. Successes build on successes, and more goals will come. Concentrating on each, in turn, will enable us to create real success.

Reflecting On Successes

Change your focus to reflect your changes. Spend the time to congratulate yourself on the progress you are making. For example, the first goal for John was to care for his plants daily. He saw the new healthy green growth as visual evidence of his effort, a sign of his success. Appreciate the efforts you are making on your behalf. Each small change will help you find more motivation for other minor changes.

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