Are you about to begin a weight loss journey? If yes, then you must be very concerned about the intake of fats.

First of all, let’s start with the most important thing that is knowing the difference between a healthy diet and an unhealthy diet. There are various reasons due to why unhealthy fats like omega-6 are looked down upon. The main reason these unhealthy fats should be avoided is that they alter the structure of your cellular membranes.

The cell membrane is required to have some fluidity within it

This fluidity allows the nutrient molecules and vitamins to pass through the cell membranes and enter the cell. Once they are absorbed by the cell, they are processed and ready to be utilized by the body.

The trans fats present in processed foods make the cell membrane rigid. This decreases the fluidity of the membrane which ultimately ends up in inflammatory reactions.

A healthy choice of cooking oil is very important for your overall well-being

The vegetable oil we use, such as canola oil, can play a role in deteriorating your health, and these e oils can stay in your body for about 21 days.

Change your cooking oil!

The easy solution is to change your cooking oil. Believe it or not, it undoubtedly makes a huge difference in your health and lifestyle.

For example, you can simply switch from cooking in canola oil to cooking in avocado or coconut oil, as these oils have a higher melting point. Moreover, topical use of olive oil as a salad dressing or on other foods has a positive impact on health.

Apart from this, the consumption of olives is a rich source of healthy fats which is very nutritious for your body. You can always make a great combo of carbohydrates with healthy fats to enjoy your food and get proper nourishment at the same time.

Incorporate the “two two two” rule in your diet

You may get healthy fats the various sources. You can incorporate the two two two rule in your diet in which you take two tablespoons of healthy fats 3 times a day. You can take these fats in form of two tablespoons of ghee, two tablespoons of olive or avocado oil, and even two tablespoons of nice and clean butter. So, there are several ways by which you can add healthy fats to your life. This in turn increases your cell’s ability to improve your overall health by absorbing and processing more and more nutrients.

By understanding your bodies at a hormonal level, you can easily control your general health, and that is what Fantastic Life is all about. It is the best option to seek advice from their healthcare professionals about the effects of different cooking oils on your health. The sole purpose of this app is to educate and guide people on how to lead healthy and better quality lives.

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