There comes a time when each of us recognizes that our time is limited. Many people realize that their life is half over at 45 or 50 years old. Although we still have many years ahead of us, the years no longer stretch endlessly in front of us.

This awareness can be overwhelming. As a result, some people limit new projects and opportunities, focusing instead on limitations. As a result, they become unable to make changes to improve their own lives.

We have the option of focusing on our opportunities instead. We can limit those problems that have kept us from making our lives fantastic. We can focus on ways to make our lives extraordinary. Here is Angel V. Shannon’s video on making that change in focus:

Techniques for protecting your time

We have tremendous opportunities for learning ways to protect our time. We have realized how valuable our time is. Look for these opportunities for change:

  • Prioritize your changes. Take on one change at a time.
  • Stop donating your limited time to people who don’t benefit. Learn to say no, especially to ask holes.
  • Prioritize your brainpower. Give your brain the support it needs and deserves.
  • Give your body the nutrition it needs and deserves.
  • Become intentional about your commitments.

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