Drink Water! Drink 8 glasses of water a day! Do not let your body dehydrate! It is important to keep your body hydrated! 

How often have we heard these very sentences? All the time you say. Have you ever stopped for a second to wonder what “hydration” truly means? 

How Many States Does Water Truly Exist In Nature?

Is it water flowing through our body, cells “getting hydrated,” essential nutrients being transported and made available to the cells and toxins being extracted out of the cell structure to be flushed out?

Sure we have heard about that. Have you ever conceived of water taking on a 4th state? What? A state other than liquid, solid and gaseous? That is right! Water within our bodies, at a cellular level, takes on a Gel-like state – that plays a very prominent role in cell health and our human physiology. Watch the following video from researcher Gerald Pollack who educates us about the 4th phase of water. 

Gel-like State In Our Human Body

It is this Gel-like state that water can take on when there is enough of it within our body that allows for the availability of nutrients to cells and extracting toxins out. Thus contributing to feeding and nurturing cell health beyond what we have conceived before. Doesn’t this truly give the phrase – “It is important to keep your body hydrated,” a whole new meaning?