The undeniably delicious ghee is nothing but clarified butter that has been cooked, simmered, and finally strained to remove the water present in it. Ghee is a rich source of healthy fats, and therefore, it is beneficial for your health.

How Do You Make Ghee At Home?

To prepare ghee, you would need a high-quality fresh milk cream. When you make ghee using cream, you get three products out of it, ghee, butter, and buttermilk. The first step in making ghee is churning the cold milk cream with a hand blender. Once you churn it for a few minutes, you will separate the cream into buttermilk and butter. Next, drain the butter in cheesecloth to squeeze all liquid out of it. 

Now all you have to do is melt and simmer the butter in a saucepan until it starts foaming. Ultimately, the milk solids at the bottom turn brown, and the ghee becomes clear. 

Ta-dah, the pure and delicious ghee, is ready to eat. Of course, preparing ghee at home requires practice, but it is not a tough row to hoe. And the best part is that ghee has numerous health benefits and is finger-licking good in taste.

What Are The Health Benefits of Ghee?

Believe it or not, try eating pure ghee regularly. It will not only boost your physical health but is highly beneficial for your mental well-being too. Ghee contains digestive, therapeutic, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Pure ghee is immensely loaded with vitamins A, D, E, and vitamin K. But isn’t it difficult to digest all these vitamins? To be digested by the body, the vitamins need to be combined with fat molecules since they are fat-soluble. And guess what, ghee is a rich source of dietary fats too. So, you can say that ghee is an all-rounder!

When you add ghee to your daily diet, your body stays fit and healthy. Moreover, this fantastic body cleanser gets rid of various impurities from the body, thus fighting off many types of illnesses. Ghee is excellent for your muscle strength and eyesight too.

Does Ghee Help In Weight Loss?

The body quickly digests ghee. Furthermore, it is excellent in stimulating the process of digestion, which is ideal for weight loss. Pure ghee improves your mental strength and functioning, thus restoring balance to your mind.

Ghee contains healthy fats which are free of trans-fats. They are very beneficial in performing essential body functions like supporting mental health, improving your skin health, making your cell membranes strong, and preventing the digestive acids from damaging the stomach lining.

How Do I Incorporate Ghee Into A Daily Routine?

You can add ghee to your warm turmeric milk, which you take just before going to bed at night. Moreover, you can even add one tablespoon of ghee to your morning tea or coffee. You can sauté vegetables in ghee or make your eggs in it. Enjoy the fantastic benefits and finger-licking good taste of pure ghee by adding it to your smoothies or topping your popcorns with melted ghee. There are numerous ways you can incorporate ghee into your daily routine.

But, Be careful of one thing. Before incorporating ghee into your daily diet, it is essential to know that your daily fat intake should not exceed 10-15 grams. Furthermore, if you are obese or a heart patient, you should avoid eating ghee. Last but not least, it’s always the best decision to consult a health care expert or a nutritionist before adding something new to your regular diet.