Fantastic life is a health, lifestyle and nutrition management solution. It is a website and an app designed for today’s busy and active lifestyle. At its core, it is driven out of the science that the human body is driven by hormones in balance. Any imbalance can cause inconveniences like headaches, common cold to major health issues like heart conditions, obesity, diabetes et al.

Fantastic Life is a tool in every human’s hands, accessible anytime, anywhere via a mobile phone or a desktop/laptop, constantly monitoring and guiding its subscribers stay on the path.

Fantastic Life is based on the principles of functional medicine and has been designed by a highly professional team of experienced nutritionists and technologists. It starts with a series of questionnaires to understand the subscribers’ lifestyle and current conditions, followed by 7-day lifestyle tracking. The data collected from the answers and the 7-day tracking is passed through our intelligent and proprietary algorithm that spits out a very personal and unique plan as individual as the subscriber themselves. The secret to any plan is the follow up and the application has an inbuilt smart follow up system that captures your activities and provides feedback through an intelligent rating system, followed by a smart adherence meter that in real time provides its users insights into how closely they are following the plan and what adjustments they need to make to get back on track.