Do you often give a break from your strict diet routine? Cheat days in a diet program are very important and now they are considered a popular part of proper diet plans.

When you hear the word cheat day in a diet, it automatically makes you think that you are cheating yourself and depriving your brain of all those essential nutrients that are required by the nervous system to perform its roles. Similarly, you are cheating your hormones out of all the requirements that enable them to thrive and function properly in our bodies.

Are cheat days in a diet a good idea?

Absolutely! You should incorporate cheat days in your diet plan regularly. The positive aspects of having a cheat day every week are that you do not crave your favourite cuisines, get a mental break from that dieting schedule, and your metabolism gets boosted.

Practice mindful eating even when enjoying a cheat day

Even a cheat day should be carried healthily and a maximum of once a week. This way, cheat meals won’t be ruining the healthy lifestyle and weight loss progress of months of consistent exercising and clean eating.

What is the significance of a feast day in a weight loss journey?

A feast day is a part of an Alternate Day Fasting diet program. In this diet plan, you do not do anything at all one day, which means you are fasting one day, and the other day, that is the feast day, you are free to eat everything. This is a kind of low-calorie diet plan which can be hard to follow, yet it is effective in a weight loss journey. Apart from weight loss, this fast and feast diet helps lower risk factors of cardiac diseases, such as low cholesterol, etc.

The calorie count in a weight loss journey does matter

While discussing fasting or intermittent fasting, most people are mostly concerned about the calorie count in their meals. Yes! Calorie counts do make a significant difference. However, you should not forget about the hormonal aspects that are also affected when you change the way and the quantity of food you eat.

So, a good diet comprises meals that do not lack calories, rather contain calories in a condensed form. You should try to alter the nutritional components of your meal in such a way that the food becomes very nourishing. By introducing a feast day in your diet, your thyroid gets a message that is perfectly fine.

Does dieting mean starving yourself?

Mostly, when you move towards a diet program, you often think that now you have to starve yourself or deprive yourself of all those foods containing fats and calories. At this moment, your brain might warn you that this might not be a good idea. Because to survive and stay healthy, eating properly is necessary. Sometimes, these types of diet plans result in gaining weight rather than losing some. Furthermore,

instead of fueling up your body, starving yourself may also disturb your hormones and you might face certain hormonal imbalances.

Just by changing your body’s relationship with either feast day or a cheat day, you also change how your body interacts with itself and with the food. Occasionally treating yourself with a cheat meal is something that every fitness professional and trainer believes in, as it is a great way to give yourself a little break from that strict-to-follow weight loss routine.