I was having a conversation with my favourite client – me – the other day. I am my favourite client because I understand myself and see how hard I try but I also hate working with me because I just don’t seem to accomplish much!

I was having a stern discussion with myself about following through when I realized that I do follow through on many things. I deserve more credit than I give myself. 

I watched a video about self-gratitude recently. It made me realize that I don’t keep track of my successes very well. Once I accomplish a commitment, I forget about the effort I put into making it real for myself. I forget how many little things I accomplish. Take a look:

Track, track, track… and celebrate!

Angel V. Shannon reminds us that we cannot be kind to others, we cannot create a better world, if we cannot create that world in ourselves. We are hard on ourselves – and we don’t deserve it. She recommends keeping a ‘wins’ journal. Every day, write down 3 wins, 3 things that you did well toward your goals. Celebrate your wins!

Review this journal regularly. Remember how many successes you really have. Give yourself rewards for your successes. And when you start to beat yourself up for not accomplishing enough, remind yourself of your progress!